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Create your own private cloud

Do you have music files and want to stream from your own computers and NAS onto any device where ever you are? Thanks to Aquadima’s ecosystem of Web, mobile and desktop applications it’s very simple and it’s FREE!

(books, videos and much more coming soon...)

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Your own private cloud

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Remote Control

With one device, you control any other device.
Better yet, just plug a computer to your TV and enjoy a whole new display!


Always in Sync!

Any device connected to your account will synchronise automatically. Wether you’re adding or deleting music, editing tags, changing your playlist, changing songs...

aquadima does all the work for you!

Your own private cloud



Quick video tutorials with tips and tricks for getting the most out of aquadima. These walkthroughs are perfect for visual learners who would rather watch a video than read a manual.