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Sales & Marketing

How to generate revenue on Aquadima


Direct sales
distribute your music, videos, ebooks, e-tickets to public performances...


Subscriptions to your fan zone
generate a new stream of revenue and spoil your most devoted fans


Crowdfunding your projects
prepare and finance your tour, music video, short movie, theater play...

Professional artist, potential amateur, established publisher... Everyone is welcome to start selling on Aquadima, at any time.

1 Direct sales

The Aquadima Publisher allows you to upload your works of art, configure your sales parameters and start selling:

  • Audio
    songs, albums, lectures
  • Writing
    e-books, journals, audiobooks
  • Graphics
    comics, magazines, pictures
  • Videos
    movies, series, tutorials, public performances
  • E-tickets
    for your shows and other live events

Preserving your capital
We protect your work by watermarking each individual copy sold on Aquadima. This allows us to discourage any attempt of piracy, while providing your consumers with full ownership rights.


Aquadima’s commission to cover payment, watermarking and maintenance charges.
Everything else goes straight to you.

Some advanced publishing options:
Custom prices or free for streaming
Geographical exclusions
Automatic launching / closing dates
Limited, collector editions
Samples and extracts

And customize your settings for each of your target groups:  public / fans / backers...

Give back value to your art, in the hands of your audience, and in your own in return:

You have 2 books for sale marked at $15
If you sell 500 copies of each book over 12 months
That’s a revenue of $10,500 in just one year

You last records sold an average 12,000 copies
Put up your next album at $9,90 for sale on Aquadima
And generate $84,000 for all right holders

For example

You can either sell a video of your concert and tease with a free sample, or you could stream it for free, just like on YouTube.

Tired of earning fractions of a cent for a song? Sell it like on iTunes, but set a special price for your true fans.

Make your comic strip available for sale in all countries but Japan, like if you have an exclusive licencing contract there.

2 Subscriptions / fan zone

Subscriptions are a new way of thinking of artist revenue and the kind of relationship to engage in with your fans. Start making it special!

  • Art by subscription
    Say you want to distribute your art following the subscription model rather than the pay per copy model
  • Specialty shop
    Reserve some of your works for identified customers: exclusives, limited editions or discounted prices
  • Educational channel
    Serve your learning material, videos, music and books, to your subscribed, recurrent students
  • Fan club
    When you post a status, a photo, a work of art or anything really, you can make it fan-only
  • Live videos + chat
    Broadcast live video feeds to share special moments and run interactive chat sessions with your circle

Introducing live video streams

Engagement hardly gets any better than live interaction: start broadcasting with your smartphone or tablet, and produce your very own artist channel.

Imagine sharing live: backstage at a performance, a rehearsal, a photo session, a Q&A with your fans, a press conference, some studio time, or an intimate moment...


Aquadima’s commission to cover payment and maintenance charges.
Everything else goes straight to you.

Some of the fan zone options:
Custom monthly price or free
Set minimum subscription duration
Allow subscribers to resell your art
Custom reseller commission

Offer extra content, discounts on some of your pieces, live chats and engage with your fans to convert:

You have 10k followers out of which 500 fans
Set your subscription at $1/month
And add a steady yearly $6,000 to your income

You have 100k followers: convert 10k fans
Set your subscription at $0.29/month
And add a steady monthly $2,900 to your income

3 Crowdfunding

Share your project and get help from the community to finance your next artistic move:

  • tours and live events
    secure your dates one by onewith minimum attendance.
  • collaborations
    if you need other creative resources to complete your project
  • promotional material
    music videos, printed media, campaign expenses
  • preproduction
    for booking a rehearsal stage, props and set production
  • performance videos
    shoot your live shows in the best conditions
  • art productions
    finance your music album, research for your bookor shooting your next movie

Crowdfunding dedicated to entertainment
Reach out to potential backers already familiar with you and more likely to back you up! Connect your campaign with your listeners, your buyers and your subscribed fans.

Prepare your next concert tour!

And secure every single date before booking the venues.

Set up a series of public events, each with their own goal, and invite the public to book them. You’ll be able to secure a tour in advance, confirm with each venue, limit your financial exposure and maximize attendance.


Aquadima’s commission to cover payment and maintenance charges.

Additional payment processing fees:
3% + $0.20 per contribution $10+
5% + $0.05 per contribution <$10
Everything else goes straight to you.

Some of the crowdfunding options:
Specialized campaign templates
Automatic launching / closing dates
Custom duration
Targeted advertising boosters

Set your own goal and invest in your projects when you feel attractive and secure enough:

You have 10k followers out of which 500 fans
Set your subscription at $1/month
And add a steady yearly $6,000 to your income

You have 100k followers: convert 10k fans
Set your subscription at $0.29/month
And add a steady monthly $2,900 to your income

Social and viral marketing

You get a fully controlled store combined with a social network, all in one place.

A nonhierarchical catalog, peer recommendation and social-cultural marketing options, are some of the crucial advantages you get on Aquadima, and nowhere else.

Other cool tools like the Aquadima Cast are here to help you promote your art on the network to well-targeted audiences.

Preregister for your account

Any Aquadima account can sell art on the platform. For that, you’ll have to set up a profile with access to the Aquadima Publisher.

At this stage of our development, selling profiles will be open gradually, in order to best cater your needs and improve the performance of our Publisher.

Preregister here and receive access to your selling profile (by order of registration) and be among the firsts to sell on Aquadima.

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